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I will show you how I obtained the data to create those boxes.There are so many requests online for wanting to figure out how to correctly build a bounding box for a mesh object, and a lot of those queries are answered with outdated information, or they don’t turn out to be the best case for that particular user.To make creating game objects a little easier there are two constructors for the is class.

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You can rotate a shape by rotating each of its vertices with the same rotation matrix.

At the heart of most games is checking for the collision of different objects in the game.

What this means is that instead of moving an object 2 pixels or 3 pixels you can move an object 2.5 pixels. The property Bounding Box returns a Rectangle that describes the game object.

This will be used in detecting the collision between the different game objects.

i m new to XNA world , i will appriciate any kind of help with some source code.

Thank you follwing are the code i m using to create bounding box and rendering them . One algorithm for calculating collision of rotated rectangles is the Separating Axis Theorem.Matrices are, as stated in the linked answer, essential in computer graphics.I’ve browsed through several solutions and a few code samples of how to create them, but they were not working for me.I am working on some physics simulation, in which i have to detect ray and bounding box intersections . in my drawing model, i m genrating BOXes with (MIN, MAX) vectors and try to render them using wiki XNA Bounding Boxrender class, my problem is .. This is a minor update: Beta2 update (Content Manager)Minor bug fix with Text Boxes not deleting their backgrounds.

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