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You can set a timeout, however, that forces the route to stop after the specified time, irrespective of whether or not the route has finished processing the exchange.

2015-01-12 ,656 [- Shutdown Task] INFO Default Shutdown Strategy - There are 1 inflight exchanges: Inflight Exchange: [exchange Id=ID-davsclaus-air-62213-1421065401253-0-3, from Route Id=route1, route Id=route1, node Id=delay1, elapsed=2007, duration=2017] The cron scheduled route policy is a route policy that enables you to start, stop, suspend, and resume routes, where the timing of these events is specified using cron expressions.

It's a Maven project in Net Beans IDE, more specifically a Java Web application. I've got a situation where I have to check if a certain User is registered as a Guest for a Presentation.

Now I would like to retrieve a list of Presentations for a certain Date where the Guest is registered for, so that i can check if none of those overlap.

A scheduled route policy can be used to trigger events that affect a route at runtime.

In particular, the implementations that are currently available enable you to start, stop, suspend, or resume a route at any time (or times) specified by the policy.

You associate a route with a given As of Camel 2.5, Camel also provides an ability to schedule routes to be activated, deactivated, suspended and/or resumed at certain times during the day using a Scheduled Route Policy (offered via the camel-quartz component).

compared to Throttler is that it does not block during throttling.

These variables will be replaced to create the final path.

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