Who is helen chamberlain dating

Helen Marie Chamberlain is an English television presenter.She previously worked as a holiday-camp entertainer and disc Jockey before working on a variety of radio and television programmes.

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A visibly mystified Mendieta later offers: “It’s about football,” pausing sheepishly, “..it’s not”. Hosted by Helen Chamberlain, a woman with the sort of permanently tickled TV countenance which would mean huge disappointment if you ever met her and she failed to cry laughing every time you spoke, and the genial if forgettable Max Rushden, it remains one of Sky’s most popular programmes. Mendieta is here to flag up a football film festival, Kaiser Chiefs are plugging their new single, and Carl Froch looks a bit pointless with his fight against Andre Ward postponed.

He does take part in a game, cracking egg shells into pint glasses while wearing boxing gloves, so his morning has not been entirely wasted.

This is a very silly joke, and that is why it has found its home on Sky’s Soccer AM.

Soccer AM is a temple of such unrelenting daftness, evoking memories of kids’ magazine show Going Live — anarchic, surreal and obnoxiously loud.

Soccer AM has been on the wane since presenter Tim Lovejoy left in 2007, taking several members of staff with him. A young girl in heels, hot pants and a tight football shirt wheeled out for the lads.

It has been cut down from three hours to two this season but the ghost of Lovejoy still haunts the show in the form of execrable laddishness. The off-camera mob applaud wildly when this week’s girl announces she is 18.

He did feature in Dion Dublin's legends game at the Abbey Stadium on 27 April 2009.

He played alongside Cambridge United heroes including; Andy Fensome, Liam Daish, John Taylor and Lee Philpott.

Rushden started on the bench but came on after 20 minutes for Liam Daish, telling Dion Dublin to go to and play at centre-back whilst he wandered up front.

you are referring to this one because the category is English history, but there are other famous Chamberlains. He made the famous quote, "I believe it is peace in our time" after the Munich Pact in 1938.

The set is an odd mix of Sky sheen and Fantasy Football League miscellanea, a soundtrack of what Lovejoy would probably call “proper music” colours every goal montage and the word “comedy” is used as an adjective far too often. There are baying catcalls when she reveals she has a boyfriend.

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