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For all intent and purposes, it looked like EJ was dead — until his relatives got involved.

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But with any major popular character on a daytime soap, you got to leave the door somewhat open in case there is the ultimate resurrection down the road.

And in a shocking twist, and in a key scene, viewers now know that EJ may not have met his maker after all!

Mere days after reuniting with his beloved wife Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), EJ was gunned down in the woods.

The cold-blooded murder followed a brief, tense confrontation with Salem's latest Big Bad, Clyde Weston (James Read).

A final paternity test ordered by Marlena and Sami in the hospital confirmed that Johnny was E.

In an attempt to protect his son, Lucas plead guilty to the crime and was sent to jail.

Over the course of the past week, we have watched Abigail and EJ wiggle and squirm, paranoid that Sami is going to figure out they slept together — since all three of them are spending so much time together.

Little do they know…Sami is already aware of their tryst.

Eventually Susan reclaimed her child and learned that Stefano Di Mera was her child's real father. He and Sami soon became friends, and when Sami began being blackmailed by an unknown party, E. was there by her side to listen to what she had to say without passing judgment. also had a clandestine relationship with Kate Roberts, but it was soon revealed that he was actually Elvis Aron Banks, in Salem on Stefano's orders to kill John Black. He picked up a hitchhiking Sami Brady and used her to get past the roadblocks.

She soon became very leery of him, and on one occasion when he felt that she had betrayed him, she felt sexually threatened, as though he had tried to rape her. Sami wanted him to help her save Lucas, who had been injured when a falling beam landed on him, something E. was willing to do for a price -- he forced Sami to submit to him sexually. returned to town and learned that Sami was pregnant, he believed that the baby was his.

He helped her move the beam as promised, then fled town. Sami attempted to fend him off with a fake ultrasound result, but he soon learned the truth. knew that with the birth of Johnny, Stefano would finally be pleased with him.

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