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Either he's being really forward with you or that "thinking of you" text was only sent to you because he wasn't paying attention.4.We know that sometimes it’s hard to talk to a teacher, parent, the police or social worker, especially when you think they will have to do something with the information you give them.

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Someone, we don't know who, posted an online warning that Dateline's hidden cameras are in the neighborhood.

We want to warn you that some of what you’re about to read is explicit.

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Time to send nine more just to make sure you're not missing them.

attentive now, just wait until you meet in person.5.

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to know who to talk to at all.

The big thing standing in Chrystal's way, of course, is a little something called attorney-client privilege and physician-client privilege.

Lots of abusers will try to bully and threaten people into not saying anything.

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