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"[Emoji users] want to give their texts more personality," says Fisher.

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At the Hollywood premiere of American Gods, no one in the audience seemed to know what to do after Bilquis' intense, glorious "Somewhere in America" vignette played in the middle of the episode.

Played by Yetide Badaki, the sequence shows the washed up, struggling African love goddess bring a man she met off a phone dating app into her room, have sex with him, and then slowly absorb him up into her through her vagina in a graphic, stylized sex scene.

And when schools don’t act — or when their efforts to root out abuse are ineffectual — justice is not served.

AP focused on a former student at Brunswick (Maine) Junior High School who said he was taunted, beat up, harassed, chased and raped.

I mean, the sex is only indicative of the intimacy. Whereas, even though Bilquis does essentially assimilate this man into her body, it's like he looked like he was having a great time, yeah.

And they were pointing to things like technology, people having other ways to spend their time, you know, playing their video game or watching Netflix. But, I mean, he's being sacrificed to love, whereas with the newer gods, it's hard to figure out what the meaning is.

A number of academic estimates range sharply higher. ” Elementary and secondary schools have no national requirement to track or disclose sexual violence, and they feel tremendous pressure to hide it, AP reported.

“Schools are required to keep students safe,” said Charol Shakeshaft, a Virginia Commonwealth University professor who specializes in school sexual misconduct. Even under varying state laws, acknowledging an incident can trigger liabilities and requirements to act.

there is no more subtle inflection of the voice ...

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