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An error is generated if the validation rule does not allow for a blank field value in an appended record. UNIQUE Creates a candidate index tag with the same name as the field.

ERROR must be the same as the data type for the field. Candidate indexes (created by including the UNIQUE option, provided for ANSI compatibility in ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE) differ from indexes created by using the UNIQUE option in the INDEX command.

You can include fields from other related tables in the field list.

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If you omit FIELDS, all the fields in the table are displayed in the order they appear in the table structure. The character expression c Font Name specifies the name of the font, and the numeric expression n Font Size specifies the font size.

For example, the following clause specifies 16-point Courier font for the fields displayed in a Browse window: If you include the FONT clause but omit the font size n Font Size, a 10-point font is used in the Browse window.

See Creating DBCfor Views -- Steven Black Every few years I take a tilt at databases and run away, because of some unexplained behavior.

This time it was, if you update a table, views based on that table don't update, they just break.

The table can already contain a data in it, in this case copy the table, change it name and delete it. Now you will be able to rewrite corrupt index whenever you need it by the Reindex command. Try Recovery Toolbox for DBF, i used it time ago, when had similar problem.

Database Container (DBC) is a VFP table that is used to define a database.CHECK must evaluate to a logical expression and can be a user-defined function or a stored procedure.Whenever a blank record is appended, the validation rule is checked.I have a files created in VFP and on Windows 7 installed. The way is creating a table with the indexes and then bind it to your Database.I tried to open one of these files but just get an error: "Primary key property is invalid, please validate database". I tried to recreate the index, but i got another error: “Invalid database - please validate database”. But first make a backup of file and then you can add data into the table.In order to support the DBC the table header structure was modified to add a backlink to the DBC name.

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