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Fever requires you to have either a Facebook or a Google account to connect and login to the app, though it is only necessary to have one, not both.

Fever uses this connection to discover your interests and friends and to avoid filling lengthy forms to offer the plans that fit you best.

Based on this verification or vetting procedure, SSL Certificates can be broken down into three categories.

With an EV SSL, the Certificate Authority (CA) checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name plus, it conducts a thorough vetting of the organization.

Over the last few years the number of organizations using SSL Certificates has increased dramatically.

The applications for which SSL is being used have also expanded.

The issuance process of EV SSL Certificates is strictly defined in the EV Guidelines, as formally ratified by the CA/Browser forum in 2007.

All the steps required for a CA before issuing a certificate are specified here including: The latest, and possibly most significant, advancement in SSL technology since its initial inception follows the standardized Extended Validation guidelines.For example: With encryption, you are able to hide communications from a hacker but you cannot stop them from intercepting communications and posing as your website to steal information from your customers.As people move away from brick and mortar stores and increase their online shopping and banking habits, consumers have to be able to trust they are visiting the true website of the store they are shopping on. You can prove your identity by having an external third-party (like Global Sign) vet your personal and company information.Securing your spot at any of these events is incredibly simple - buy tickets or RSVP for events in just two clicks!Fever is an app intended for cell phones and tablets only, whenever the software is compatible with Android or IOS.Once that POST request has successfully completed, you’ll then receive an ) that don’t have a server-side component — or any sort of mobile application that can use a mobile web browser.

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