dating old friend after divorce - Usaa mint not updating

You would think USAA would improve this app in the year since I last reviewed it, but it is not to be.

Has anyone else had trouble with their Chase credit cards not updating on financial sites like Credit Karma and USAA?

Mint provides a service I can't get elsewhere but banking at Charter One is generic. USAA doesn't have local banks; you do everything online.

When I enter the code I received a window with a message saying that Quicken cannot connect to the bank and to click a gray button in the middle of this window which is used to open the website, to check if the bank is up and running.

Did that as well, connected via the website so I know isn't down. This connection to USAA was working fine until 2 weeks ago.

First, the easiest fix is just deleting and re-adding the portfolio.

This can sometimes clear up any data hiccups and force a refresh of the system.

We’re making it easier for you to take care of your auto insurance business.

Updating your USAA Mobile App will allow you to remove a vehicle from your policy.

If I enter my customer number ID (USAA number),password and pin, it doesn't recognize my login credentials.

I wonder if the problem is related to duo security layers or just a Quicken connectivity issue. I have the exact same problem as Mariela - Everything was working fine up until 4 weeks ago, and since then nothing I do fixes it.

USAA used to be a great bank - now they are intentionally making it difficult to use their app (and web site) 1: When a new document is received, need to click through several layers of menus acknowledging that there is a new document, what kind of document, which document, etc. 2: When fingerprint recognition fails or is canceled, app is automatically disenrolled from fingerprint recognition, requiring a several-step re-enrollment process.

Likewise for incorrect PIN, need to go through full enrollment process through mediocre implementation of web interface. 3: No app feedback form or bug report system available other than App Store reviews.

If this doesn't work, we can dig a little deeper on our end, but we need some help from you.

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