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Forgetting to increase the serial number is one of the most common causes of hair loss among DNS administrators!zsu expects one or more zonefile names as arguments.

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The command zsu /etc/db.local 0.0.127./var/named/db.will update the serial numbers in each of the three zone files listed.

zsu is most commonly used as part of a revision control system for zone files, just before changes are committed to a repository. The script expects a single zonefile name as an argument, and relies on ci/co/rcsdiff (all parts of RCS, from serial number format, which is derived from the current date and a counter to distinguish multiple changes made the same day.

When you use a fancy DNS server, which has a database backend for intance, it can compute the serial number automatically (which is usually in the tool from ndu (that tool does not require BIND).

When you run it on a zone file, it updates the serial number with the current date, and even handles the last two digits (a simple counter).

This page provides an alternative to ritual suicide if you manage to get the serial number incorrect on an SOA RR.

The serial number field of the SOA RR can take any value but many users, by convention, use a date format most commonly defined to be yyyymmddss where yyyy is the four-digit year number, mm is the two-digit month number, dd is the two-digit day within month number, and ss is a two-digit sequence number within the day.If you work with the DNS server bind you'll probably be used to updating the serial number for your zone files manually after making changes.If you're an Emacs user there is a simple automatic way of doing the job.If the erroneous serial number entered is less than today, that is, 2003022700, the fix is trivial: simply correct the serial number and restart (or reload) BIND or reload the zone using rndc.If the number is too high, it depends on how high the number is and how frequently the zone file is changed.The syntax of zone data files lends itself to making mistakes.

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