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No matter what I was doing or what I was going to do to my video card BIOS, I always made a back up of the original BIOS from the video card itself before I made any attempt on modifying or flashing my video card with another video card BIOS.Another area I make sure that I don’t do is flash the video card with in the Window’s GUI.Because manufacturers are constantly fixing bugs and tweaking settings in video cardsBIOS to keep up with increased graphics demands, installing an update might be all it takes to make your video card run like it did when it was first installed. While this may seem simple enough, it should be noted that the card’s chip manufacturer – which was likely the most prominently displayed name on its package when you purchased it – isn’t always the same as the company that produced the card.

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The updating of the video card BIOS is not that mysterious, all you have to do is visit the video card manufacturer’s site and download the software required to make this update (generally in an area called support, downloads or BIOS). The card manufacturer is not usually the chip manufacturer.

Thus, you won’t find this update at ATI’s or NVIDIA’s site; you have to visit the card manufacturer’s site (Sapphire, Gigabyte, Inno3D, HIS, Tyan, Connect3D, MSI, ABIT, ASUS, FIC, etc).

Unlike motherboards when you have a failed flash this normally renders that motherboard dead, or bricked.

You will need to contact your graphics card manufacturer for the latest custom UEFI / video BIOS for your graphics card.

In this short guide, I'll show you the surprisingly simple process of upgrading your GPU BIOS.

It's a very simple thing to do and should only take you about 4 or 5 minutes.Visit the Tech Power Up website and download a flashing utility, such as ATI Winflash, ATIFlash or NVFlash.Flashing utilities for ATI cards differ from those for Nvidia cards, so make sure you download the right one.It is in the video card BIOS that the manufacturer fixes bugs in the video card or in the graphic chip that may have been discovered after the launching of the card on the market.Thus, keeping the video card BIOS updated allows you to have your system as stable as possible, away from bugs that can hamper the operation of your PC, especially bugs that may appear during a game.Insert the USB drive into a USB port on your computer. In most computers, this can be accomplished by pressing the “F10” key.

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