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We have seen many posts on HP forum that users with Spectre X360 report that their laptops are slowly burning themselves.

But a general solution is yet to be proposed by HP support.

Do you use the A-Tuning software, and have it run when Windows starts?

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Even when underclocked the processor was reaching high temperatures, rapid fluctuations in temperature with work load suggest a bottleneck in the thermal pathway.

When I tested with the intel retail cooler which came with the CPU the cooling was much less effective than the NH-L12 (even when underclocked taking just over a minute of OCCT to reach the 85°C cut off point see below) indicating the NH-L12 was doing a good job of removing heat, which meant the processor was making the heat or the source of the bottleneck. Advice was to contact Intel due to an absence of information relating to my retailer's testing procedures. If so is it possible to negotiate this with Intel direct or do I have to go through my retailer?

I have asked about these but am still waiting for a reply. I have done my best to make sure I am not doing anything wrong and I would be grateful for any pointers to any mistakes I may be making.

You would want your girlfriend to be smoking hot but trust me, neither you want your computer to be smoking, nor hot.

I tried reseating the heatsink and renewing the NT-H1 TIM and opening the case but it made no difference. When I tested using the OCCT benchmark I was unable to complete a test due to the processor overheating so I underclocked the processor to 3.6 GHz, disabled turbo and manually set v Core to 1.1v.

With an underclocked processor I was able to get a heating and cooling curve using the OCCT auto capture, to enable me to study the problem.

Since in the world of computing, the slow and steady only ends up cursing at the screen and raising his hands in utter dismay, I am pretty much sure that you would be keen to avoid that. But besides that overheating may cause the system to stop unexpectedly, display random Blue Screen of Death/Protection Fault messages, shutting down or restarting on its own.

Placing your hand on the computer only to retract it immediately exclaiming “Ouch Hot!! It may also lead the fan to spin faster to dissipate the heat being generated thereby making it louder and noisy.

The default BIOS settings will have the power saving options enabled, which is probably why your CPU temperature is better in Windows.

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