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ULC is going to operate in two ways: in their traditional fashion where a standard is set and the product must meet it (like in the stove in the picture above, which might have to withstand certain established kinds of abuse and number of cycles before getting approval).

This is the critical link that has been missing: an established set of standards that everyone agrees to, and third party testing that ensures that it meets this standard.

But when a product has a UL label you know it has been put through the wringer.

And now they are going to certify products and tell us if they are truly green.

Labels and standards are a touchy and confusing subject. Then, for the last hundred and sixteen years, there have been Underwriters Laboratories. They are expensive if you have a product you need certified.

Tree Hugger readers have seen companies just calling themselves green, companies inventing their own labels (like SC Johnson), Companies going to third party labels-for-hire to certify what they think is important but may not be, (Like LG Eden and SCS) Labels that cover only one aspect (like Energy Star and Greenguard), and labels that let the manufacturer submit data for claims without verification (-see comments).

I did my best to track down a manufacturer with no luck.

It’s possible that it was made in a […] In the Good Old Days when I was a more frequent nightclub visitor, I remember trying to exit through a club’s main entrance at closing time and encountering a locked door.

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