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Building and earning another person’s trust and respect takes time, especially after catching your partner out on something major, like an affair or a significant lie.Only you can know whether you’re prepared to forgive a major breach in trust.

When you trust your significant other, there is a freedom to share your heart and soul with him or her because you know what you share will be valued and treasured.

Trust provides the means to add brick after brick to the foundation of your relationship, building a stronger platform upon which you can weather life’s ups and downs together.

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If you are building your marriage on a broken foundation, it is going to make for a difficult and painful journey to intimacy and success in your marriage.

Because the need for trust permeates every aspect of marriage – finances, intimacy, judgment, communication, spirituality, etc.The trouble is that trust is fundamental to every relationship and when everything is derived from the distrust, even if you don’t realise this, you will both create your dynamic around the distrust and behave accordingly. Surely they just need to see that someone believes in them and they’ll start being capable of being trusted.I have people say to me: I’ve had so many sh*tty things happen to me so of course I don’t trust guys. {If you can’t trust you, who the hell can you trust and how do you know if what you’re doing is right or wrong for you? {You’re not picking up a stray dog and giving it a home!If you do decide to work on mending the relationship you should also be prepared not to throw the indiscretion back in the other person’s face at every opportunity.When you’ve told your partner you’re willing to forgive what’s happened, but then immediately make them feel bad for it all over again at every opportunity, you’re holding a grudge, which can break down any work you’ve done towards trying to fix your relationship.You can believe all you want but if there is no foundation and the person isn’t on board with the relationship, your belief is misplaced.] Trust in relationships isn’t just about having faith in their actions, but also in yours.

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