Triumph motorcycle dating service

Any part found to be defective during this period will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES LIMITED by an authorised Triumph dealer.

Any part replaced under the warranty will be covered for the remaining period of the warranty.

All new Triumph Genuine Parts which are purchased via an Authorised dealer are covered by a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty, commencing from the date of first registration or the date of sale if the motorcycle remains unregistered or date of purchase of the part.

Within the warranty period, TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES LIMITED warrants the new Triumph Part to be free from any defect in materials used in the manufacture and/or workmanship at the time of its manufacture.

In order to retain an original (or obtain an age-related) registration number, you first need to apply for a Dating Certificate from the appropriate vehicle enthusiasts club - these are listed in the DVLA leaflet V765/1.

For Triumph motorcycles, the TOMCC is the authorised vehicle enthusiasts club.

Any parts replaced under warranty must be returned to TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES LIMITED by the dealer/distributor and will become the property of TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES LIMITED.

Triumph may, at its discretion make any repairs or replacement of defective parts falling outside the warranty, but such work shall not be deemed to be any admission of liability. The machine must not have been used for competition, *misused, inadequately maintained or incorrectly serviced or maintained. The machine must have been serviced by an authorised Triumph Dealer, at the intervals specified in the Triumph Owners Handbook and the service log completed accordingly. Defects caused by faulty adjustment or repairs and alterations are not covered by this warranty. Defects caused by the use of parts and accessories not authorised by Triumph Motorcycles are not covered by this warranty. The warranty does not cover the cost of removal and replacement of parts unless supplied as original equipment or recommended by TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES LIMITED. The warranty does not cover the cost of transportation of the machine to or from the authorised Triumph Dealer or expenses incurred while the machine is off the road for warranty repairs. Normal servicing and normal service items, such as spark plugs, oil and air filters are covered by this warranty, but only if there is a manufacturing defect.

Similarly items which are expected to wear as part of their normal function such as tyres, bulbs, chains, brake pads and clutch plates are only covered by the warranty if there is a manufacturing defect. Front fork seals are not covered by this warranty being subject to wear and tear (particularly stone damage to inner fork tubes). The motorcycles exhaust silencers are warranted for 12 months from the commencement of the general motorcycle warranty.

During this 12 month warranty period, internal corrosion or deformation of internal baffles are excluded from the warranty.

If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original (or obtain an age-related) registration number plate then you need this service.

Back in 1974, the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations.

We also have the largest allocation of Scrambler Ducati’s in the country.

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