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To constitute a prior disclosure of an invention, the matter relied upon as prior art must disclose subject matter which, if performed, would necessarily result in infringement of the patent.This infringement test is detailed by the Court of Appeal in General Tire & Rubber Company v Firestone Tyre & Rubber Company Limited, [1972] RPC 457, at pages 485-6:- If the prior inventor’s publication contains a clear description of, or clear instructions to do or make, something that would infringe the patentee’s claim if carried out after the grant of the patentee’s patent, the patentee’s claim will have been shown to lack the necessary novelty, that is to say, it will have been anticipated.

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barring Exela from manufacturing a generic version of OFIRMEV®, which is an injectable liquid acetaminophen composition. In 2011, Cadence and Pharmatop sued Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC, Exela Pharmsci, Inc., and Exela Holdings, Inc.

Judge Leonard Stark held that all fourteen asserted claims from the two patents in suit were not invalid and would be infringed by Exela's generic product. (collectively, "Exela") for patent infringement after Exela notified the plaintiffs that it had filed ANDA No.

So how could this issue have recently been argued before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit? Underpinning the inclusion of secret sales within “on sale” is the idea that an inventor should not be able to hold an invention as a trade secret for a number of years, profit from the invention, and thereafter be granted a patent.

Does a secret sale of a product constitute prior art that can invalidate a patent? This, if allowed, would essentially extend an inventor’s patent monopoly beyond the specified term. Leahy).” The PTO also argued that the policy underlying secret sales as prior art, to encourage patent filing, is furthered by the AIA’s change to a first inventor to file system.

(For Patents Having an Effective Filing Date Before March 16, 2013) In order for someone to be entitled to a patent, the invention must actually be “new” and the inventor must not have lost her or his rights by delaying the filing of an application claiming the invention.

In general, inventions are new when the identical [product or process] has not been made, used, or disclosed before.

After construing the claims in August 2012, the Court conducted a seven-day bench trial in May and July of 2013.

At trial, Cadence and Pharmatop successfully proved by a preponderance of the evidence that Exela's generic version of OFIRMEV® literally infringed all ten asserted claims of the '222 patent.

Plaintiff SCR Pharmatop ("Pharmatop") is a French civil law partnership that owns U. Paracetamol is the name used outside of the United States for acetaminophen.

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