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As your sexual arousal ramps up on the trippy journey to orgasm, pleasure is probably the only thing on your mind.

Unfortunately, for some people, sex headaches interrupt the party.

Sex headaches can occur in clusters or out of the blue.

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These differences can be reflected in size, color, behavior (ex: levels of aggression), and morphology.

An example of sex-limited genes are genes which instruct the male elephant seals to grow big and fight, at the same time instructing female seals to grow small and avoid fights.

Or perhaps Christian’s controlling tendencies outside the bedroom might give her pause.

There is, for instance, the very way in which he reappeared in her life: by showing up at a photography exhibit of work by her friend Jose (Victor Rasuk), which (she discovers) features six mural-sized portraits of her, and buying them all.

Sex-limited genes are genes that are present in both sexes of sexually reproducing species but are expressed in only one sex and remain 'turned off' in the other.

In other words, sex-limited genes cause the two sexes to show different traits or phenotypes, despite having the same genotype.

research that is discussed in detail later in this article.

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