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Along with the memes, the Daily Stormer has become home to several pages of articles praising Swift that bear titles like "Taylor Swift, Avatar of European Imperialism," "Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People" and "Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift Accused of Racism for Behaving Like an Ape in a Music Video.""Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry," Anglin told Vice's Broadly. That's the most important thing."Columnist Milo Yiannopoulos explained in Breitbart the alt-right thinks "Swift is covertly 'red-pilled,' concealing her secret conservative values from the progressive music industry while issuing subtle nods to a reactionary fanbase."Yiannopoulos wrote that Swift presents a perfect storm: she's white, blonde and doesn't speak about her politics.

Meanwhile, she's drawn criticism regarding race in recent years.

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Becoming a member of a private mobile group chat for white supremacist teenagers was surprisingly easy. No, all I had to do to join up was create an account on Kik, the mobile messaging service that boasts more than 200 million users, as many humans as there are in Brazil. Me: Maryland Pa: Alright I'm from Ireland I'll add you in so, Me: Oh cool, thanks pa Pa: Alright then With that, I was free to observe "White Pride World Wide," where every day 50 mostly anonymous teenage users, 50 mostly anonymous users claiming to be teenagers, or most likely some combination thereof, gather in a rolling discussion of the imperiled future of the white race, the nefarious influence of immigrants and hot-blooded interlopers dating back to Romans in Celtic Ireland, and the dangers posed by Jewish control of contemporary culture.

I didn't need to recite any Aryan pride credos, disparage any minorities, or even divulge my identity — which is probably a good thing, since I'm a 30-year-old reporter with a last name that isn't fooling anybody. Me: I don't really go to church or anything Pa: So you'd be Christian,sort of like me tho Don't bother going to mass Kind of person Me: Yeah sounds about right Pa: Where are you from?

And then I had to have a 14-line chat with the gatekeeper to the group, a guy who calls himself "Pa." It went exactly like this: Me: Hey- can I join the sf [Stormfront] group? They also discuss selfie sticks, steel beams, and rare Pepes. I learned of White Pride World Wide (WPWW) through a thread in the "Youth" subsection of Stormfront, the internet's leading white nationalist forum.

Both Mc Kee and Touchette came anyways, but their stay didn’t last long.

Touchette went back to Ontario within a few months, returned to Alberta to live in Edmonton, then left that city under a cloud of suspicion regarding a number of assaults and arson.

His trial ended a couple of weeks ago with the verdict coming down in February 2008.

In the meantime Noble began his own political party (with a membership of one) before throwing his support behind Terry Tremaine and his National-Socialist Party of Canada.

The NA — and other groups like it — has experienced rocky times in recent years, rife with power struggles, lawsuits and squabbles over ideology and funding practices.

Though such difficulties are common in the realm of activist groups, the fracturing of white hate groups — which appears to be sending activists underground or, increasingly, to the anonymous world of cyberspace — threatens to make it more difficult for law enforcers to monitor and pre-empt potential acts of violence.

She doesn't identify as a Neo-Nazi, and there is no evidence to suggest that, behind closed doors, she might.

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