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By Holly Gleason It’s been five years since Hayes Carll put out a record, but it feels more like a decade.

For the jokester/heart-tugging troubadour, there was a marital dissolution, a song growing into a young man, falling in love with Oscar-nominated fellow songwriter Allison Moorer (herself in the throes of a d-i-v-o-r-c-e from second wave outlaw Steve Earle), an endless string of dates, songs and trying to find the focus to go back into the studio.

Shelby and Allison wrap their arms around the past, plant their feet in the present, and nod toward what’s around the bend with a co-written “Is it too much,” to close out the ten-song set. Academy and Grammy award nominated songstress, Allison Moorer, releases her new music video for her hit-single, “Tear Me Apart,” to a Rolling Stone live stream on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

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It’s as deep, haunting, knowing, and beautiful as the Alabama woods they once called home.

Both sang as soon as they could form words, but music is the only language they have ever needed to communicate with and understand each other.

“As a performer, that resonated with me.” Occasionally, Carll drives his son to Austin’s South Congress Avenue to perform street magic for passersby. “I flew back to Austin late that evening and crawled into his bed to say good night,” Carll says over coffee at Austin’s Central Market, fighting back tears, pausing between sentences, apologizing for nearly breaking down completely. About halfway through that five-year gap between albums, Carll’s marriage to Eli’s mother, Jenna, became irreconcilable.

Around the same time, he dramatically cut back on his whiskey consumption.

“Not Dark Yet,” offers a glimpse into that understanding for the first time and finally, after years of trying to get it made, at the right time.

Produced by Teddy Thompson and recorded in Los Angeles during the summer of 2016, the album provides a potent look at their individual and collective artistry through eclectic song choices from writers ranging from the Louvin Brothers, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain, and back to Jessie Colter. It is not a creation, but rather a celebration of something that has always been, two voices becoming one and finding home within each other.

By the early '90s, heroin addiction had derailed Earle's career and left him homeless on the streets of Nashville.

Happily, the musician has now been clean and sober for close to two decades.

But the deeper dive meant — horrors — putting in the songs.

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