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If anything you’re hoping they’ll take the hint and do your job for you and at the worst of things, you may be hoping the excuse allows you to avail of their ‘usefulness’.behind them – that’s what a reason is; a cause or an explanation and yes sometimes a justification for something happening.He finished in 9th place also missing a place on The X Factor 2015 Live Tour.

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You perceiving me as wronging/hurting/abusing/whatever you is terribly inconvenient and my ego doesn’t like the pinch of reality, so if you don’t mind, get a shuffle on, accept my apology and let’s move on so I can slam my palm down on the Reset Button.

““Look, hurry the eff up and get off my case so I can get my shag / ego stroke / shoulder to lean on / money / perfect image back etc.

In the worst of situations where you may be denying, rationalising, and minimising, you may even be making excuses for their excuses which only goes to show how poor the original excuse was.

Just like how on the other side of a jumped boundary lies disrespect, on the other side of an excuse often not only lies at least some element of disrespect but also the to be some crossover.

You can put your real name or you can put a fictional name. It isn't as much the dark that I'm afraid of now, it's the feeling of what may be in the room that i cannot see.

We want people to start to talk about paranoid experiences more! I always feel like someone is there, and is going to either kidnap, rape, or kill me.

Send in your story email [email protected] note: these accounts would be for sharing on the website - unfortunately we cannot provide clinical advice or feedback on individual experiences.

The accounts may also be used in future publications to provide illustrations of common paranoid and suspicious thoughts.

As we gear up for the election of the 45th United States president, we look at some of best quotes from Barack Obama and from previous incumbants at the White House, including Abraham Lincoln, JFK and Richard Nixon.

We think paranoid worries are very common but that they are rarely discussed.

People seldom share their experiences of having unfounded or excessive suspicious thoughts.

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