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If you would like to register for work or apply for a particular vacancy then you will usually only need to complete the Registration Form (Part 1) once, but an Application form will be needed for each position you apply for.

Please note: for SSAFA vacancies use the application form provided on the job description page for that particular vacancy.

Stadt, Jobcenter, Arbeitsagentur und REGE bündeln dort ihre Angebote für Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene.

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You will find a detailed guide on completing both forms below.

As an Employer the Labour Support Unit (LSU) is legally required under the anti discrimination law to make sure each candidate is treated equally.

As the starting point of our system, we designed and synthesized genetic libraries encoding binding proteins based on Nanobodies as well as Monobodies. coli is continuously increased by co-expressing a special DNA-Polymerase conferring plasmid restricted error-prone replication of the binding protein expressing plasmids.

Finally, binding proteins with high affinity to the target protein are selected using a bacterial two-hybrid system providing growth advantage to antibiotics in relation to protein-protein interaction strength.

This is taken very seriously and although we need your date of birth and head of family details for identification and postal reasons for example, it is essential that these will not be visible to line management at the filter or final interview stage.

For this reason the Registration and Application form is divided into 2 parts (1 & 2). Aside from the reasons already mentioned above, it is also used to satisfy current Government Legislation on the checking of references and is aimed to speed up the recruitment process.

Ultimately, desired clones are enriched during fermentation in batch or in continuous culture.

Binding capability of our libraries, efficiency of our selection system and potential of our mutagenesis system were demonstrated.

Entwickelt haben das Projekt das Jobcenter Arbeitplus Bielefeld, die Stiftung Bethel pro Werk, die Regionale Personalentwicklungsgesellschaft mb H (REGE) und die Psychologische Frauenberatung e. Vorsitzender des Projektbeirates ist der Sozialdezernent Ingo Nürnberger.

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