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"That cancer patient who needs friends and support, the guy who lands in Denver and does not know where people go to buy great products legally, they can also connect," he explained. is only available to our readers in the US, given that smoking weed is still kind of against the law here.

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Bild further writes that after numerous complaints, the man took the photo down, but there were also other public photos on his profile depicting a young boy smoking.

HNA notes that in some countries, children smoking is a long tradition - even in Germany’s neighbour Switzerland.

Last year, the council allocated £172,000 to services intended to tackle smokers. Over a third of those who said they had quit were prescribed anti-nicotine drug Vareniciline.

The prescription medicine targets the nerve receptors in the brain that register smoking as pleasurable.

Below, you will find more detailed information about the law and the exemptions that are allowed, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, tools for businesses, and tobacco dependence treatment information for business and citizens.

A police spokesman told local newspaper Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA) on Thursday that they had launched a child abuse investigation after a photo was posted on Facebook that shows an adult hand holding a cigarette to the mouth of a baby girl.You swipe through profiles to find someone to connect with, and once you find a match you can message them with the app's built-in chat.But before users start swiping they'll need to fill out some basic profile information about how they like to consume weed. A Denver company has come up with a dating app that you need in your life. and designed like Tinder: users create profiles and swipe through the photos of potential dates, except this version is clearly aimed at fans of ganja."I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up—date over. These preferences will be taken into consideration to find an ideal fit. is only available in states that have fully legalized cannabis or have medicinal marijuana laws.I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that's it," CEO Todd Mitchem told the The app takes the Tinder model one step further by actually optimizing possible matches according to consumption preferences. However, of the 1,070 people who set themselves a date by which time they planned to stop smoking, just 330 said that they had successfully quit. It means that last year £991 was spent for each smoker who quit – up £150 on the previous year.

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