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The following issues were noted:• 164 complaints were related to discounts not being received or a member beingovercharged;• 18 complaints were related to the provider or that the provider did not accept the plan;• 18 complaints were related to members not receiving needed dental services or receivingunnecessary services;• 5 complaints were related to quality of service;• 3 complaints were from members requesting a refund of charges;• 11 complaints cited miscellaneous issues, such as the provider charging for records, usingan out-of-network provider, wrong address issues, or provider inquiries; and• 35 complaints had no indication of the nature of the complaint. I called and they said all they need is in the book. I could not get the discount even though the store was on the list. My bill was due on the 10th and it was the 11th and they removed the 29.99 payment on the 8th.

The Company failed todocument the nature of these complaints; therefore, it failed to follow its written The posted sampling was from a standard Market Conduct Review that was initiated ten (10) months after the Florida legislation became effective. When provided used their number there was no answer. I am very disappointed and would not recommend these plans to anyone.

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