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Our long-term objective is to understand the genetic differences between males and females, both within and beyond the reproductive tract, and ultimately the biological and medical ramifications of these differences.

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“It’s why we need bipartisan legislation to address this type of online exploitation and ensure we are doing everything possible to save vulnerable women and young girls.” The senator’s office indicated it would introduce such legislation on the issue soon.

Senate lawmakers have been investigating claims of underage trafficking by Backpage for years.

A shocking new report says controversial classifieds site hired a Philippines contractor to lure customers seeking sex – indicating the company solicited and created sex ads, despite years of claims in court and to Congress that it played no role in ad content.

The new trove of information – which includes emails, spreadsheets, audio files and employee manuals – from were revealed in an unrelated legal case and provided to The Washington Post.

"The farther back in time we look, the more similar X and Y appear, boosting the theory that they arose from a pair of identical autosomes." Sex was not always determined by DNA.

In many reptiles, the temperature at which the eggs are incubated determines the sex of the offspring.

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The online classified ad service operates in 97 countries.

The site, similar to, allows users to buy and sell items as well as “adult services.” In January, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a report claiming that Backpage knowingly facilitated underage trafficking by actively editing ads in its “adult services” section.

October 28, 1999 Men and women, according to popular self-help books, hail from different planets, but what really separates them are radically different chromosomes. In the October 29, 1999 issue of Science, Bruce Lahn, Ph D, assistant professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago and expert on the evolution of the sex chromosomes, along with his colleague David Page, MD, of the Whitehead Institute, report that the X and Y chromosomes--which arose from a pair of identical, non sex-determining chromosomes (known as autosomes)--diverged from each other over the course of about 300 million years by going through four discrete stages rather than in a smooth transition.

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