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Transit police say sexual harassment on buses and Sky Trains is on the rise, and they are trying to find ways to encourage more women to come forward and report the incidents.Spokeswoman Anne Drennan says in many cases the perpetrators are repeat offenders who target vulnerable women.

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After a couple of sentences, Waterhouse knew the man was on to something.

"There had been an accident and someone was injured in front of his business," Waterhouse said.

Sometime between April and July, Surrey's director of Public Safety Strategies was spending another evening listening to people.

Terry Waterhouse was at a community forum collecting ideas for his comprehensive safety strategy when a business owner started to speak.

The office would investigate complaints of recordings made for commercial purposes, but individuals would have to call police, or sue a neighbour in civil court for invasion of privacy if they discovered their images were being recorded or stored. Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police Department said in an email whether or not voyeurism or harassment laws were broken depends on if someone is “videotaping into a window or on to a private patio or deck or is (the camera) inadvertently catching a part of the garage or a walkway at the side of the house while it tapes.”A Czech homeowner’s domestic camera captured the images of two men who fired a catapult at his house, and they were prosecuted.

But one of the suspects challenged the homeowner’s legal right to record and hold the data of their images, and the homeowner was fined.

It wasn't just the hot tub that was steamy, a Kelowna homeowner discovered after returning to find someone had been partying in the back yard — the interlopers caught in full flagrante delicto by the property's security camera.

Police were called Tuesday by the owners of the home in the 1900 block of Mc Dougall St.

Watts met with some residents from the area to address their concerns over the bodies being dumped.

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