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This is not a deep textual study for those looking to unpack the Jewish history or various interpretations of the Song.

Jeremiah plainly and unapologetically presents the Song as the story of Solomon and the Shulamite woman that progresses from courtship to wedding to honeymoon and on into married life.

While certain verses in the text get glanced over, Jeremiah does an outstanding job of providing solid and useful principles for married (and dating) couples.

Even if one has a good handle on his own interpretation of the Song – or perhaps doesn't even believe the Song should be read from a natural perspective, the teaching provided by Jeremiah is in itself worth the read.

"We see this as a holistic 10-year vision for social uplift and urban renewal," a spokesman for Stoke-on-Trent Council says.

Assuming all the plans for renewal of the North and the Midlands take off, it might be the best £1 Pierpoint has ever spent. Pierpoint's house, like the 32 others in Stoke's scheme, necessitates his taking a £30,000 low-interest loan for renovation, and he has to live there for five years before he can sell (a device to stop "flippers" who might do them up then sell for a profit).

But of course: with an average house price of £180,000 in England and Wales, and £475,000 in London – only an hour and a half away by train to Stoke – they're preposterously cheap.

And all eyes are on them as part of a wider plan to bring unused homes back into use across the country.

The recording of deeds, mortgage documents, easements, liens and other documents is managed by the Register of Deeds Office in each Kansas county.

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