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They have heard screaming and yelling and squealing of the tricycle tires. There was a tornado in the Spring of 74 an it knocked down the chimney.There have been sightings of the woman and child together again. The story was told way back then about the child falling down the steps with the tricycle an the mom hanging herself.

This is the hilarious moment a doting dad is caught channelling his inner diva to teach his daughter how to walk in heels.

After returning home from a day of shopping, Kandice Gillespie is greeted by an unconventional scene as daughter Saniya, six, is being expertly coached by her dad to strut in stilettos.

There has also been blood stains found on the walls of every room and above the steps and on the steps of were she hung herself and the child fell down the stairs. There is a walk area runs along the sides of the gym up high and that's where the child road her tricycle back and forth with the metal pipe rails keeping a person from falling.

- January 2007 Additional information/confirmation: A former student from 19. There have been reports of a mysterious lady in white.

The volcanic rocks present from the prior eruptions feature olivine, and have a small presence of hornblende.

It is the most active volcanic centre in the South Aegean Volcanic Arc, though what remains today is chiefly a water-filled caldera.Not wanting to miss out on the action, Saniya's younger sister trots along beside her although luckily she's in flats.Laughing along in awe of her partner's hidden talent, Kandice proclaims this is 'parenting 101' as Erick continues to give Saniya expert tips before announcing 'that's how you do it, baby'.A giant central, rectangular lagoon, which measures about 12 by 7 km (7.5 by 4.3 mi), is surrounded by 300 m (980 ft) high, steep cliffs on three sides. On the fourth side, the lagoon is separated from the sea by another much smaller island called Therasia; the lagoon is connected to the sea in two places, in the northwest and southwest.The depth of the caldera, at 400m, makes it impossible for any but the largest ships to anchor anywhere in the protected bay; there is also a fisherman's harbour at Vlychada, on the southwestern coast. The capital, Fira, clings to the top of the cliff looking down on the lagoon.Caught in the act in Woodridge, Illinois, diva-licious dad Erick Lewis is shown swaggering confidently, repeating 'heel, toe' with every-step, as he shows his daughter exactly how it's done.

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