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Your friends can react to a Status by tapping on ‘reply’ - with the response sent as a new Whats App message.

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Like Instagram and Snapchat, you can set up multiple updates, which will play one after the other, giving your contacts a full view of your day.

New updates will be shown when users open up Whats App, separate from existing conversations in a new Status tab.

I don’t believe Skype (which is now owned by Microsoft) is recording your calls.

If there’s a Skype-to-Skype connection, it may be encrypted end-to-end, but messages sent to the Skype servers are encrypted only en route, and arrive there unencrypted.

Whats App has launched its new blockbuster update earlier than planned.

The popular messaging app, which has over a billion users worldwide, has rolled out its new Whats App Status feature to users across Android and i OS smartphones.The tablet’s browser detects the device as a mobile unit and does not allow the web version to open up.The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is actively involved in investigating suspicious behaviour online with or towards a child.Whats App, the most commonly use and powerful messaging application for mobile devices has a limitation in itself.It can only be used on a single device at any given point of time.We all know that Whats App cannot be used on a tablet, be it Android, Windows or Apple.

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