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"My best friend and I share everything, and never keep a secret from each other, then why not our passwords?

Strange as it may sound, it is beginning to be considered as a sign of trust and intimacy among youngsters.

BFFs share everything That girlie bonding between two BFFs (Best Friends Forever) has now extended to sharing passwords.

It's just fun," says Shweta Pahujani, 19, a fashion designing student. "Ever since that b**ch in my class blocked me from her Facebook list, I took my best friend's password to check her account for that girl's updates. &%*#$..." details a livid Aakriti Menon, 16, a class XI student.

Another curious case is of photographer Ayesha Sharma, 22, who feels that sharing passwords with her friend is important.

We have regular chat workshops for 13-25 year olds.

As a General Chat Moderator at The Mix, you’ll be part of an online community and help run our light-hearted web chats.A recent survey claims that 30% of teenagers who use the internet have shared at least one personal online password with a friend or a significant other.The study also says that girls are twice as likely as boys to give away their secret codes.It was easier to be anonymous on the Internet back then, to flirt and wink and experiment behind purposefully misspelled, sexually charged screennames like seksikittee69 and bigboi17 that weren’t tethered to a public Facebook account.While technology like group video conferencing existed, it was painfully slow and not readily available.Otherwise, who will keep her account active when she, ahem, dies?

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