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Finally thanks to Jameshell we have a affordable fixed secondary passenger side tensioner. The tensioner literally took a minute to swap over the parts. This takes around 4 degrees of timing error off the passenger side intake camshaft. I recently did the cams on my car, did them myself, I installed Ford GT cams, I bought & used the Ford cam tool kit, it has a key that fits into the back of the cams to lock them in the correct positions with all timing gears at a certain position, I did notice how all the slack still needed to be taken out of the longer timing chains as it appeared that if they were not totally tight while at the correct positions it would throw off the cams timing, but I never thought about there being any slack from cam to cam on the little chains between them...James did such a great job even down keeping the oiling groove that oils the chain. Do you guys honestly think this new tensioner that James of Cobra engineering has made is gonna work that much better than a stock one?? Not trying to take anything away from James, His parts look Awesome!

My first one on one was "technical" in the sense that we spoke about projects in school and what I was learning.

The second one on one was very similar to the initial interview and was very behavioral.

Video Monitoring As the technology has improved and the costs have come down, video monitoring/surveillance cameras have become very popular for keeping an eye on your home, business, child or pet (via smartphone, tablet or computer), but they also work well for monitoring an elder loved one who lives alone.

Most home video monitoring cameras today are sleek, small and easy to set up, but do require home Wi-Fi.

Many seniors find this type of "I'm watching you" technology to be an invasion of privacy, while others don't mind and even welcome the idea.

With that said, here are some top monitoring devices for keeping tabs on your mom.

The original poster mentioned that the cams using a stock tensioner could be 4 degrees off... And what does 4 degrees equate to in horsepower lose?

Can you recommend some good home video monitoring devices that can help my sister and me keep an eye on our elderly mother?

Over the holidays, we noticed that her health has slipped a bit, and would like to keep a closer eye on her.

--Worried Daughters There are lots of great video monitoring cameras that can help families keep a watchful eye on an elderly parent from afar, but make sure it's OK with your mom first.

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