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Life is full of surprises, and even more so when it comes to finances.

A person having a good income today may face financial crisis in future.

The money or other consideration received in exchange for a bond becomes both an asset and a liability to the company.

In contrast, the consideration received for stock becomes an asset of the company without becoming a liability; it adds to the company's equity (the difference between assets and liabilities).

If you need to draw from your emergency fund at any time, your first priority as soon as you get back on your feet should be to replenish it.

Treat your emergency fund right and it will return the favor. For most people, 3 to 6 months of expenses is good.

The securities purchased are the firm's collateral for the loan to you.

If the securities in your account decline in value, so does the value of the collateral supporting your loan, and, as a result, the firm can take action, such as issue a margin call and/or sell securities or other assets in any of your accounts held with the member, in order to maintain the required equity in the account.Before trading stocks in a margin account, you should carefully review the margin agreement provided by your firm.Consult the firm regarding any questions or concerns you may have with your margin accounts. It will be applicable to only cash exports.(ii) The exporter will have the following two options to avail of export finance:(iv) Banks are permitted to extend PCFC for exports to ACU countries.(v) The applicable benefit to the exporters will accrue only after the realisation of the export bills or when the resultant export bills are rediscounted ‘without recourse’ basis.(i) The foreign currency balances available with the bank in Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) Accounts, Resident Foreign Currency Accounts (RFC) and Foreign Currency (Non-Resident) Accounts (Banks) Scheme could be utilised for financing the pre-shipment credit in foreign currency.(ii) Banks are also permitted to utilise the foreign currency balances available under Escrow Accounts and Exporters Foreign Currency Accounts for the purpose, subject to ensuring that the requirements of funds by the account holders for permissible transactions are met and the limit prescribed for maintaining maximum balance in the account under broad based facility is not exceeded.(iii) Foreign currency lines of credit(iv) In case, the exporters have arranged for the suppliers’ credit for procuring imported inputs, the PCFC facility may be extended by the banks only for the purpose of financing domestic inputs for exports.(ii) Packing credit in excess of F. Banks should also satisfy about the valid reasons as to why PCFC extended for shipment of a particular commodity cannot be liquidated in the normal method. PRE-SHIPMENT EXPORT CREDIT1.1 Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)1.1.1 Definition'Pre-shipment' means any loan or advance granted or any other credit provided by a bank to an exporter for financing the purchase, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods prior to shipment, on the basis of letter of credit opened in his favour or in favour of some other person, by an overseas buyer or a confirmed and irrevocable order for the export of goods from India or any other evidence of an order for export from India having been placed on the exporter or some other person, unless lodgement of export orders or letter of credit with the bank has been waived.1.1.2 General With a view to making credit available to exporters at internationally competitive rates, authorised dealers have been permitted to extend Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC) to exporters for domestic and imported inputs of exported goods at LIBOR/EURO LIBOR/EURIBOR related rates of interest as detailed below.1.1.3 Scheme(i) The scheme is an additional window for providing pre-shipment credit to Indian exporters at internationally competitive rates of interest. While allowing substitution of contract in this way, banks should ensure that it is commercially necessary and unavoidable.This incorporates general guidance found in the PF Wiki and that is given often by /r/personalfinance regulars.

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