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Up until about four week ago, I used Windows Live Messenger almost exclusively.That was until Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s “Messaging” integration drove me insane with the lack of control on updates and disabling the ability to send group messages on other computers also signed in.

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Apple removed the Windows Live Messenger app from the App Store shortly before Microsoft began the change to Skype.

If your business's i Phones already had Windows Live Messenger installed, you can transfer your contacts from Messenger to Skype.

The transition took place in the first quarter of 2013, and anyone trying to sign into Windows Live Messenger received a note that the program was retired.

Windows Live Messenger – formerly MSN Messenger – is set to shut down on March 15, 2013.

A dialogue box will appear, tracking the progress of adding the program to your computer.

After the instant messaging client is installed, Facebook will automatically log you in to Messenger and allow you to send and receive instant messages. Once installed, the Facebook Messenger for Windows buddy list will appear ready for use.

Because I had been more actively using Skype over the past year (after Microsoft bought it), I started using Skype for instant messaging as well.

To my surprise, it’s now become my default instant messaging client and here’s just a few reasons why I would recommend others to switch too.

The free Skype i OS app is available in the App Store.

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