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I think regular expressions are too often overlooked, but they’re very powerful and simple once you work with them a little bit. For a good basic overview of regular expressions, check out: The Web Professional’s Handbook And a more in-depth Reg Ex reference in: Pure Java Script: 2nd Ed.

(an absolute steal if you buy it used) Regular Expressions with .

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Francis Norton shows how to use regular expressions to fulfil some real world data validation requirements, demonstrating techniques ranging from simple number format checks, to complex string validation that requires use of regex's powerful "lookahead" feature. NET regular expressions to enforce the kind of logically complex input validation requirements that we sometimes confront in real specifications.

This will allow us to start with basics and go on to exploit some fairly advanced features.

A quick explanation of the expression: ^ indicates the start of the input [0-9] indicates a range of allowable characters. You could do [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9], but that’s not lazy.

indicates ‘match preceeding one or more times’ $ indicates the end of input If you wanted to enforce a length of input, you could do something like: which would enforce a minimum of 6 characters and a max of 12.

Because Microsoft’s architectural plan is that you can access the same .

NET regex library whatever you’re writing, from ASP.

So how did I figure out what characters to use to create this validation string? Check out or search for this excellent tutorial on Microsoft’s MSDN site: Regular Expressions in ASP.

A Text Box control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text.

NET (dead easy) to SQL Server 2005 (slightly greater difficulty – I include a reference at the end of the article that gives further details on this), the regular expression skills you learn in one context are directly transferable to another.

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