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I recently looked at my file and was alarmed to find that certain columns that do exist in my database do not appear, and some tables are missing entirely.

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One of your migrations is failing because the table it is trying to add already exists in your db. Did you down a migration, but not have a down written for it?

You will need to fix this before you can write future migrations. Make sure you write proper downs on all migrations.

Active Record tracks which migrations have already been run so all you have to do is update your source and run file to match the structure of your database.

Migrations also allow you to describe these transformations using Ruby.

The great thing about this is that (like most of Active Record’s functionality) it is database independent: you don’t need to worry about the precise syntax of which Active Record populates automatically will also be added.

Reversing this migration is as simple as dropping the table. You can also use them to fix bad data in the database or populate new fields: method.I ran "rake db:migrate" to re-sync with my database schema.But it failed, saying that one of my tables already exists. If you just want to get updated to reflected any changes you made in the database independently of Rails, what command should you use if not "rake db:migrate"?The existing environment might be your local development environment, or a colleague’s. It might be someone to whom you are distributing code.All these have something in common: they are already using your application with an existing database.If it is just a mistake, and the table is there and correct and you want to ignore this. I've found that occasionally, when things get a little weird, you'll find yourself in a situation where Rails will want to run a migration that it ought rightly to be considering already done (the table already exists, etc).

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