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Lori our Manager / Chef, Elizabeth and Paulene, our waitresses and house cleaning staff, Rick our mechanic/maintenance and a bit of everything handyman, Sam, our 2nd guide and shore hand helper, Stormy and Aaron, our helpers that came up just to help open up the lodge for the season, and of course our fearless leader himself Mr Randy Duvell.

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To contact the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre in Ontario nearest you, follow this link.

Fem'aide offre aux femmes d'expression française aux prises avec la violence sexiste, du soutien, des renseignements et de l'aiguillage vers les services appropriés dans leur collectivité 24 heures par jour, sept jours par semaine.

It is your decision whether you wish to report the assault to the police or provide the forensic evidence.

If you think you were drugged and sexually assaulted, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres can also test to determine the presence of drugs in your body.

As the seasons change we landscapers mark the transition by the phone calls and emails we receive. Fortunately, by the time Labour Day arrives our crews are wrapping up most of the work that was booked in the spring and summer and are looking forward to fall landscaping temperatures. Have a project that just didn’t happen this summer? (I’ll bet you didn’t just guess that by looking at the time lapse between blog posts.) As weird as it seems, once I do finally get around to making the call to have a project started, I am impatiently looking for someone to get it done now. Lucky for you and me, there are businesses out there that are ready and able to accommodate procrastinators like us.

With the approach of Labour Day and the kids’ return to school…known around here as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’…the phone calls and emails start rolling in again as parents begin taking stock of the list of outdoor projects which for one reason or another, didn’t get done.

The schedule is full, and summer phone calls and emails are handled in stride with landscaping projects usually booked for August and September.

Okay, I’m exaggerating just slightly, but you get the idea.

To assess the severity of each problem behavior reported, the Behavioral Addiction Measure was administered.

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