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There's a lull in the conversation, your eyes meet.

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If you’ve ever taken a high school English class, you’ve probably read a short story called “The Most Dangerous Game.” You know, that story about a guy who’s rescued by an aristocratic gentleman after being shipwrecked on a desert island, only to find that the gentleman wants to hunt him for fun?

Hence, um, the idea of the “most dangerous game” coming into effect. Check out these hookup problems you’ll only experience when you’re in high school: 1.

Though it's not in everyday use, it's never actually .

At the top of the stairs are separate men's and women's facilities, both of which are clean and spacious. But they do have two huge things going for 'em: They're unisex, and they're seriously mirrorred.

Not two minutes had passed before a few construction men came bumbling along. I hurry up and get in the front seat to drive away. ’ We make our way to another nearby empty parking lot, even darker than Nittany Apartments, and proceed to have sex multiple times.

We felt like masterminds who had found a hidden gem.

This week episode eight takes us away from light pollution and into the arms of a bouncer. When we see each other, we normally get right down to business.

However, this weekend was going to be a little different because her roommate’s parents were in town and they were staying at the apartment.

So we took the natural next step: we drove up to Nittany Apartments where the parking lot is generally pretty dark (it wasn’t our first time on this mission).

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