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You should try and avoid dating until you are ready to do so.

Real friends will understand and should not try to put any undue pressure on you.

During your teen years, you may start to become interested in dating and finding someone who you are compatible with romantically.

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If everyone in your peer group has started to date, you may feel that you have to as well.

If you are not ready, however, dating could make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

Bethany stared out the window wondering how she ever got into the mess she was in… This national campaign brings awareness to an issue that marks this nation - domestic violence.

She had just turned 17 and she should be in the prime of her teen years. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence were once victims to another very real issue, Teen Dating Violence (which also runs a national campaign in the month of February).

Despite the old adage that "love is ageless," new Canadian research suggests that boys and girls who start dating at a young age may disrupt the typical pattern of romantic development and increase their risk of school and behavioral problems, the , the latest study on young romance looked at groups of children who started dating early, or at the average age of 11.6 years, as compared to 12.9 for "on-time teens" and an average age of 14.9 for the so-called "late bloomers." Twenty percent of the participants had started dating as young as ages 10 to 12, while 25 percent began in their late teens.

Researchers from York University in Toronto collected questionnaires yearly from their participants from 1996 to 2003.Lying, cheating, truancy, picking fights and running away constituted disruptive behaviors, and early-starting children were more likely to report personality traits such as shyness, depression, and aggression.Meanwhile, late-blooming children began an accelerated path towards exclusive relationships from casual dating with no adverse effects. " Bethany picked up a picture of her friends taken the summer before she started dating Brad. They tried to warn her that Brad was no good for her, but she thought she was in love, she thought she could save him... In the past shame and humiliation had kept her from telling someone, but Bethany couldn't carry the burden any longer, it was too heavy. Pulling up her shirt sleeve, Bethany looked at the fresh bruise that marked her delicate skin, his mark..always left his mark...Researchers concluded that when entering into a relationship early on when ill-prepared and without the appropriate support of peers, adolescents may have more have difficulty dealing with the stress of a typical couple.

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