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The presentation is a combination Power Point and trunk show of quilts from her collection with quilts made over the past 200 years.She will highlight various patterns and their history in gardening and quilting.Karen will share the history of miniature/small quilts, hints in making them and a trunk show of antique/vintage/contemporary quilts owned by Karen.

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Moving into 750 AD, the first “drug stores” as we know them were established in Baghdad during what is known as the Islamic Golden Age. Previously, pharmacy was largely practiced in monasteries, where various medicinal plants were cultivated by monks for use inside and outside the monastery.

By 1605 AD Louis Herbert, a Parisian who traveled to the New World, became one of the best known pharmacists in the world.

Karen will share the stories of quilts from her collection using a power point presentation and invites members of the guild to bring their quilts and share the stories.

The importance of documenting the stories of quilts will be discussed.

A trunk show of Karen's quilts and stories of her travels through the quilting world.

Karen loves all types of quilting and flips back and forth between traditional and contemporary works.

He aided explorers and learned of new remedies and new plants from native tribespeople.

Retail pharmacies started popping up in the United States in 1729, with the first one founded in Philadelphia by Irish immigrant Christopher Marshall.

The Dublin Veterinary Clinic is a long established veterinary practice dating back to 1966 when it was converted from the Dublin Blacksmith Shop into a small Veterinary Clinic at 32 West Bridge Street.

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