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It allowed individuals with multiple SIM cards, a common practice in Kenya to get introduced to the Orange network while maintaining a SIM from other networks.

In May, Orange announced the unveiling of the Kaduda 2.0 an upgrade to last year’s Kaduda phone. The device packs a 1,200m Ah battery that should last several days on a single charge and goes for Kshs 1,100.

They usually operate on numbers with five digit mobile text short codes.

CORD, through its head of secretariat Norman Magaya, applied last Friday to be listed as an interested party in a suit filed by activist Okiya Omtatah.

The case is now likely to take a political angle after the Opposition claimed in court papers the move is not only infringement of privacy but is also set to serve political purposes.

Visiting our website, then positively responding to a return SMS via SMS especially for our dating service.

Receiving a call from an IVR [interactive voice response], pressing a number on the keypad, then positively responding to a return SMS (which contains service cost/frequency information) via SMS.

Ongair is targeting businesses, and mainly those outside of Kenya in Asia and South America.

The company is challenging the idea that African startups should focus on solving problems at home first.

“We created the device internally and gave the manufacturer what we felt we needed in a device.

This product customization allowed us to give the customer what they really wanted”, she added.

Kaduda became insanely popular with Orange Kenya selling over 1 Million devices. Key among them was the 999/= introductory price point which made it affordable for its target market.

The dual-sim capabilities of the devices was another addition.

Their mobile phone bill is then charged at the advertised tariff.

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