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Constructed on the site of an earlier, smaller house of worship dating from the 780s and 790s, the Palatine Chapel was consecrated in 805 to serve as the imperial church.

It was designed by Odo of Metz, who modeled it after the Byzantine-style church of San Vitale (consecrated 547) in .

The main floor in the Baroque east wing of the palace is dedicated to the art and history of the principality of Pfalz-Neuburg.

The former residential and state rooms of Neuburg Palace now host an impressive display of the history of this principality.

For each of the four monuments studied, the brick stamps mentioned by the bibliography will first be identified and then, considering all the stamps found in situ, their topographic repartition will be presented according to the five levels of circulation identified on the Palatine.

For each monument, a subsection will subsequently be devoted to the interpretation of the construction phases (pre-Flavian, Flavian, Trajanic, Hadrianic, Antonine, Diocletian, Maxentian and Theodoric) according to predefined “chronological groups”.

It is a beautiful labyrinth and a smart type in its turning of direction in the 4 quadrant to reach the goal in the centre.

4 examples of this type have been found (Piadena, Entrance lane and the final goal lane are in the bottom of the drawing, and it is distinct that at the entrance quadrant there are 2 adjacent lanes and only 1 lane in the other 3 quadrants.

The detailed archaeological analysis of the façade in opus testaceum made possible the identification of more than 400 epigraphic bricks stamps.

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