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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I'm naturally talkative and find conversation comes easily but it takes me awhile to care for someone and discover if the relationship is going somewhere. I went on my first date in a few years and I'm not sure if my initial thoughts are accurate. If so, did you have a "first meet" prior to the date? If you did meet on POF, how long before first contact until "first meet", if there was one? That fact had not come up in any previous conversation?

If you’re always searching for a man to complete you, you could be a desperate collegiette (but don’t worry, Her Campus is here to help you! This desperation can come in many forms: asking everyone you know to set you up on dates, fantasizing about your future with guys you just met, texting every guy in your phone hoping one of them will profess his love to you, or going home from the bar with random guys.

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I was already hesitant about getting drinks on the sweltering Tuesday night, when all I really wanted to do was lie naked in front of my air conditioner — alone.

I went out on a limb, and despite mediocre conversation via Tinder and texts, I still set up a time and a place.

Whether this question is answered "YES" or "NO" will likely not be received well.

If he is overjoyed, busts into a HUGE grin, and high-fives everyone nearby..would think he is a horndog.

Yes, we call those red flags, and your intuition (gut feelings) is telling you so...

but you are doubting your intuition - you should listen to it. At the least, he's not the catch of the day, or the pick of the litter. Although it's possible, the first one you meet is not likely to be the one.

Marla Martenson, matchmaker, life coach, speaker, and author of , tells us the secret truth about trying too hard. Going for what you want is good, but trying to turn every man you meet into your boyfriend is not.

Although you might want a boyfriend, you don’t need one.

It's all too easy for someone to start texting someone altogether too much.

The short, quick communication makes guys think they can get away with a lot — like sending you random, pointless messages just days — or hours — after meeting you.

This leads me to think he expects exclusivity early on. If so, that is a bit unreasonable...people have lives and need some space...follow up and chit chat texts are great but to expect them to keep coming is a little eager, yeah.I dont think the guy is a criminal because of it.

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