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Flirty Mania is free video chat for good, outgoing people who happen to be alone at the moment and who know what to say each other.We think that you shouldn’t pay for a small pleasure like meeting someone. I received the email from Joseph Boyd who told me to set up a yahoo messenger name and add [email protected] told me to sit on line from 8am - 3pm and she would interview sometime in that period.

The topics may be current interesting affairs political scenerio cultures environment etc.

recently publicized it was closing their chat rooms.

No contact information whatsoever, just the instant messenger address.

Then I did a google search on the company name, doesn't exist.

S company to India (USV Limited) when I started the "interview". The first I received the "manager" that was interviewing me had so many misspelled words and was so unprofessional I thought this has to be a scam and I ended the session and told them I wasn't interested.

I also would warn job seekers to beware of yahoo messenger interviews.

In fact, they have made it so that common everyday curse words are edited out of chat conversations.

What I do want to bring to light is the real reason the service was closed and the seemingly irresponsible stance that Yahoo has taken, as well as a few other Fortune 500 companies which I will share with you.

They had determined adults were using them to luring children into meeting through those private chat rooms.

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