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ALMATY, July 28 (Reuters) - Gulnara Karimova, elder daughter of late Uzbek ex-president Islam Karimov, is in custody following a 2015 conviction for extortion and embezzlement and is being investigated for more crimes, the Uzbek Prosecutor General's office said on Friday.

The announcement is the first official word on the fate of Karimova, 45, who disappeared from public view in 2014 after apparently falling out with her father, who ran the Central Asian nation with an iron fist for 27 years.

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State prosecutors said in a statement they were seeking to freeze about $1.5 billion in assets held by Karimova, including in Switzerland, Sweden, Britain, France, Latvia, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Her Swiss lawyer Gregoire Mangeat said he did not know where she was being held and had had to cancel a visit to see her this month.

"It is of particular concern, given the worrying rumours circulating about the health status of Mrs Gulnara Karimova, that nobody, including her children, has been able to hear news since several months," Mangeat said in an emailed statement.

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Karimova was once seen as a powerful businesswoman and politician and a potential successor to her father.

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