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__________________________________________________________________________ Let's get you out there on fun quality dates with the type of person you are looking for!Start succeeding at online dating, without putting in additional time, spending more money and by decreasing your frustration.

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You can use the discussion forum with the course or message me privately anytime to ask for help. We will discuss how a profile should be structured as well as suggested wording for your profile. In this lecture I am joined by two fun and often times humorous men that indulged my request to join me for an online dating profile picture evaluation and discussion.

How you feel about the way women visualize you is SUPER CRUCIAL to your success.

The course is broken down into easy-to-follow modules, each illustrated with helpful screenshots.

We provide exercises at the end of every section to help you use what you’ve learned, and there’s a useful Troubleshooting Guide you can refer to again and again.

She’s exactly your type of girl & she's looking at your profile right now. From playing the field & having a great social life to finding a hot girlfriend & real love. Getting started with the training is push button simple.

In fact, I'm known as The “e Dating Doc” because I can quickly diagnose any online dating “ailment” and prescribe a simple, effective “cure”.

The timeline shown below briefly touches on the historical aspects of online dating.

We went with the format of a timeline so one could see the natural progression of online dating as web popularity increases.

I specialize in teaching men how to best use online dating to attract the type of girl they want.

I'm the founder & engineer behind The e Dating Doc Academy.

Beginnings of Research taken from Lauren’s blog | “The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something.

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