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No closed No closed None None 20 None season season 6 White Bass...... Division (A)(10) of this section includes pumpkinseed sunfish, long-eared sunfish, and green sunfish. A person who holds a valid hunting license issued under this chapter and who hunts game birds or wild quadrupeds may use a suppressor attached to a gun that is authorized to be used for hunting by section 1533.16 of the Revised Code while hunting, provided that the person is authorized to possess the suppressor under state and federal laws and has registered the suppressor in accordance with the "National Firearms Act," 68A Stat. The duration of the permit shall be consistent with applicable federal requirements.No closed No closed None None 20 None season season 7 Trout........... Division (A)(11) of this section includes channel catfish and shovel head catfish and yellow bullhead, brown bullhead, and black bullhead. The chief may require a separate permit for the taking of raptors.The waters of Lake Erie and the waters, lands, and marshes included in Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, and Ashtabula counties constitute the "Lake Erie trapping district," and all other waters, lands, and marshes within the state constitute the "inland trapping district." The waters of Lake Erie; the waters of Sandusky bay as far west as a continuation due south to the Sandusky county shore of the section line between sections 23 and 24 in Bay township, Ottawa county, and as far east as a continuation due north of the township line between Perkins and Huron townships, Erie county, indicated by markers which shall be permanently erected on each shore; and the waters of Maumee bay as far south as a line which shall be a continuation due eastward of the section line between sections 16 and 21 in Washington township, Lucas county, indicated by markers which shall be permanently erected on each shore, constitute the "Lake Erie fishing district." All other waters over which the state has jurisdiction, whether lakes, rivers, creeks, or reservoirs or whether natural or artificial, including East Harbor, West Harbor, and Middle Harbor in Ottawa county, and the waters of Ten Mile creek lying within this state constitute the "inland fishing district." (A) All species or kinds of fish may be taken and possessed only according to the following schedule or as otherwise provided in this chapter or Chapter 1531. Minimum Legal Daily Lengths Bag Name of Fish Open Season in Inches Limits Inland Lake Erie 1 Muskellunge..... No closed No closed None None 20 20 season season 11 Catfish........ Upon petition by a person who is or reasonably may be affected by conduct that violates or will violate division (A) of this section and a showing by that person that the conduct has occurred in a particular place and may reasonably be expected to occur in or near that place again, a court of common pleas may enjoin the conduct in accordance with Civil Rule .

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The total daily bag limit throughout the state for the combined species mentioned in division (A) of this section shall not exceed twenty-five, and not more than two days' legal catch of any one species, nor more than fifty of all species shall be in possession at any one time, except fish allowed to be taken by commercial fishermen in the Lake Erie fishing district. The fees for permits shall be set by the chief in amounts sufficient to cover the expenses of the division of wildlife in exercising its authority under this section and may vary according to class and type of permit.

(B) All species of game birds and game quadrupeds throughout the state may be taken and possessed only according to the following schedule or as otherwise provided in this chapter or Chapter 1531. Bag Possession Name Open Season Limit Limit Pheasant (Cockbirds only)........................ Moneys received from the sale of permits shall be paid into the state treasury to the credit of the fund established in section 1533.15 of the Revised Code.

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