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In my past coding with MFC and Win Forms, it's fairly easy enough, you just invalidate and do an update (Invalidate / Update Window in MFC or Invalidate / Update in Win Forms).This approach also coincides with how Windows UI operate, where you specify the region that needs to be redrawn and then you send a message to the message pump for that control to paint itself.My blog includes posts on a wide range of topics, including HTML5 / Java Script and data visualisation with D3 and d3fc.

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There are also considerations to be made when both UI and worker thread access the same data, especially with regard to data binding (see my post about collection change not supporting multi-threading out of the box).

So, I've decided to add a helper method to refresh a WPF control.

It deals with hierarchies and mandatory selections, multi-selects and single-selects.

In order to make it easier for users to see what items were already selected, there was also a list of just the selected items.

I toyed around with a few different options, and debated some of them out with Adam, and finally decided to run with binding and an Observable Collection.

One of the great things about observable collections is that you can pass them around like candy, make a change to it from any number of locations, and it will update all of the controls bound to it.So, I expected something similar (if not exactly the same) to also be present in WPF; much to my surprise, there is no equivalent.All my internet searches actually shows how to do this using background thread - it is the approach that needs to be taken in a proper programming context, however there are times when you just want to do something quick & dirty or you want to augment an existing app / port where you don't want to introduce new elements.Mix in a little LINQ and you’ve got some awesome functionality with very little code.One of the things I needed to do though, was to detect when the user selected an item from the collection.An Observable Collection is a dynamic collection of objects of a given type.

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