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We’re temperamentally more likely to wait and see if the latest, greatest thing is really stable and reliable and useful, rather than continually staying out on the bleeding edge, so we might not include that virtual mixer that you control with your mind, until we’re sure it’s reliable.

The version included with the install also includes loads of extra help files. Thank you so much for the quick and efficient support ! This production involved various workflows including: * me receiving audio edits of location sync sound which had been cut in Adobe Premiere, sent to Adobe Audition, and then exported to OMF or AAF for transfer to me (I'm working in Reaper).

AATranslator was originally developed to take advantage of Adobe Audition's excellent editing capability where the result was to be mixed in a Pro Tools equipped facility. No need to open Pro Tools for the rest of my life, ahah." Tijany Lighthouse "Excellent support to ensure it worked flawlessly on my Mac." Murray Milestone Studios "You're a genius. * me receiving Pro Tools session files, of some of the sound design, which also needed to be imported into Reaper. " Philip Perkins - Albany USA "Just a quick note to say that I had to convert a Pro Tools 12 ptx session to Cubase XML today, and everything worked flawlessly - audio, panning, markers, etc all opened correctly in Cubase 8.5.

Huge variations in implementation between AAF files means many NLEs/DAWs are unable to read each other's files.

We are able to read AAFs from Auria, Automatic Duck, Avid Media Composer / Symphony, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Sam X2Pro, STP, Pyramix & Vegas To get a good understanding of what all the various formats we support can do, download 'Conversion Guide.xls' It's in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Jonathan Vanneste - Belgium "I have just finished working on a short film with 2 guys on the other side of the planet, and working on different platforms to me.

Nuendo 7 innovations include unique features for game audio production as well as traditional film and TV post.

From integration with game middleware, to automatic picture-edit re-conforming, to ADR, Steinberg Nuendo 7 gives you powerful, dedicated tools that streamline your workflow and ensure that you deliver the highest-quality product.

Cubase is a music software product developed by German musical software and equipment company Steinberg for music recording, arranging and editing as part of a digital audio workstation. firm Pinnacle Systems, within which it operated as an independent company before being sold to Yamaha Corporation in December, 2004.

The first version, which ran on the Atari ST computer and recorded via MIDI only, was released in 1989. Cubase creates projects, which allow the operator to edit MIDI files, raw audio tracks, and other associated information like lyrics, and to present them in a range of formats including musical scores, editing console, event lists, etc.

Here's the link to the statement I was telling you about.

To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I even got ONE video file other than QT since N5 came out.

If you had a listing which was for an active service, you will need to resubmit it - please do so at your leisure. But now the import window is only showing AUDIO APPS. I imnported the video file and the video kept sticking after about 30 seconds of playback. I'm almost sure the press releases said that N5 supports whatever formats and codecs are supported by the QT player. I took that to mean QT only, since everyone was complaining about problems with most of the formats you mentioned.

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