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Also, it’s not about girl/guys ratio here, you don’t really need a lot of girls as long as you’ve got the right type of girls and guys.

My personal favorite venue is a fairly small club that has girls/singles night on Wednesday.

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Otherwise, these women will class you as unfaithful, even if you never agreed to commit.

If you put your cards on the table they won’t be able to justify their anger after seeing you with other girls because they chose to date you under the conditions discussed at the beginning of the “relationship”.

I was approaching loads of girls on any given night and had very random results.

These days I need no more than 3-4 approaches per night to score but, this happens only because I take my time to make the right moves (have solid game).

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These days more and more women do not expect you to jump into a serious relationship (good news) so I would say it’s quite common for them to eventually agree on entering a casual, non-committed arrangement.

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