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Nicholas was provided to the deanery by Pope Innocent IV.Thereafter he litigated with the locally elected dean, Andrew de Dunn, and emerged as successful on 19 December 1253.

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Get matched with people within 30 miles of Elgin, throughout the UK or anywhere in between. Its original and cobbled streets are wonderfully preserved, giving it a charming and quaint feel and allowing the impressive surrounding architecture - like the ancient Elgin Cathedral - to speak for itself.

Alongside its resplendent ancient church, the town is home to a charming number of individual shops and recreational facilities.

"The river levels in Forres plateaued this morning, and levels on the Lossie peaked at the same time.

The footbridge over the River Lossie at the rear of the Moray Leisure Centre is to be closed due to surface water on one side making it impassable.

He was confirmed by Pope Innocent IV on 7 January 1254 and then reconfirmed by Pope Alexander IV a year or so later.

He is not attested during his own lifetime, but is mentioned as the last and recently deceased Dean when sometime before 8 November 1349, but after 25 January 1345, his successor was confirmed in possession by the Pope.

Flooding on the tracks led to the cancellation of the 9.52am train to Aberdeen.

The impossiblity of getting to school for some staff and pupils also forced the closure of both Dallas and Mosstowie primaries.

"In Dallas, where the council’s flood alleviation measures have been completed to design levels, the road was flooded and impassable, but no properties succumbed to water ingress.

Nine SNP, eight Conservatives, eight Independents and one Labour member have taken the 26 seats.

The California moray (Gymnothorax mordax) is a moray eel of the family Muraenidae, found in the eastern Pacific at depths to 40 m. They live up to 30 years and have no pelvic or pectoral fins, or gill covers.

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