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Colt Competition Rifles is the first mainstream gun maker to roll out rifles in 22 Nosler, a new cartridge from Nosler that seeks to improve on .223 Rem.

performance and yet will run reliably in an AR-15 sized platform.

The slick action, outstanding trigger and solid walnut stock make a terrific first impression.

Winchester is throwing its hat into the precision rifle game as well with the new XPC.

High-grade Marlins, Parkers, Remingtons, Smith & Wessons, and Sharps rifles round out the collection. The world’s largest private gun collection is now housed in a free museum in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Dozens of other 1800s-era guns are displayed throughout the museum in dioramas that depict trappers and traders, Native Americans, soldiers, hunters, and cowboys. You can see everything from a 600-year-old Chinese hand cannon to a Gatling gun and a collection of Kentucky rifles. , Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Springfield, Mass.

During that period, a number of ordnance facilities rebuilt large numbers of all types of military small arms, including M1 rifles.

For example, Springfield Armory manufactured 331,854 new M1 barrels between fiscal years 19 for use in overhauling existing Garands.

, The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City.

Notable for their rarity and high quality, the 104 guns cherry-picked for display in the museum’s Weitzenhoffer Gallery of Fine American Firearms include Colt-Paterson revolvers that date to the 1830s and one of the few double rifles made by Colt. By the time he died in 1973, he owned more than 13,000.

A Hollywood Guns exhibit features the 1878 Gatling Gun Clint Eastwood fired in the Outlaw Josie Wales, and guns from the movies of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Tom Selleck.

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